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Meeting with Red Bow Weddings
Dorali Mitre and Amanda Boyer

advertising, marketing and wedding guide experts

10.22.07 in the afternoon with Calvin Lee, MD



We had the pleasure of meeting Dorali Mitre who created Red Bow Weddings, a free publication which extols the virtues of Central Valley Weddings and acts as a how-to guide.  The publication is very slick and attractive.  It is one that wouldn't at first seem like a "free" throw-away type magazine.  This is high class printing.  Dorali tells me that she gets this printed in Sacramento.  Within the publication are numerous articles and advertisements from wedding related vendors from Modesto, Turlock, Stockton, Manteca, and beyond. 

Traces of Red Bow Weddings and Dorali Mitre can be found all over the internet, including social networking websites such as www.youtube.com and www.myspace.com.  The team at Red Bow Weddings is very well versed with internet marketing, especially to audiences from age 18 to 35.  This happens to be the target audience for their physical publicaton as well.  This publication can be found at wedding specialty stores, tuxedo rental stores, wedding shows, and in some departments stores.

We're considering a possible partnering of Surgical Artistry with Red Bow Weddings.  Dorali and her team plan to possibly publish other guides including one that highlights beauty.  The beauty publication preliminarily named the "Induge Guide" would first be launched primarily via direct mailing.  The combination of the publications would result in a quarterly printing of new material.  We would possibly be medical consultants for both of these publications for general plastic surgical topics such as breast augmentation, aesthetician services (microdermabrasion, facials, makeup consultation, skin care advice), tummy tucks, wrinkle removal (restylane and fillers), mole removal, face lift, and even neck lifts.  We have enough material to fill several filing cabinets.  We understand how everyone in the wedding party wants to look their best for the wedding.  Furthermore, there would be some exposure for us with one of their Bridal Expo's: Mi Gran Fiesta (My Grand Party).  Their first Expo (also for Central Valley) was on September 9, 2007 located at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock, California.

This partnership is something we consider valuable.  However, we will need to think about the implications, the cost, and mutual benefits before venturing forward.  We are a medical practice with word of mouth as our primary means of advertising.  Coincidentally, we have plastic surgery staff who has worked with a limousine booth (City Lights Limousine) at Mi Gran Fiesta.

Overall, I was very impressed with what Dorali has accomplished - in what seemed like a very short time frame.  Her ambition and talent was evident in the meeting.  Amanda's enthusiasm was contageous.  They both work together great as a team.  Dorali is the perfect publisher for a wedding guide in the Central Valley.  She is based out of Turlock and recently married - this would make her quite the authority in the area and about weddings.  However, I do know a few General Surgeons who have been married multiple times, including one that has been married five times and possibly moving on to six.  Perhaps I can get these fellows to write a few articles for Red Bow Weddings. 

Red Bow Weddings is already a success and is one of the leading resources for all Brides and Grooms in the Central Valley.  It was my honor to meet Dorali and Amanda.


Calvin Lee, MD




Presented by:
Calvin Lee, MD
- General Surgery, Acupuncture, Veins
Tammy Wu, MD - Plastic Surgery


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